Former members

Former members of the ViDOCK team

Mohamed Machat

Dr Mohamed Machat is a postodoctoral researcher funded by the ERC, former member of the ViDOCK team. He worked on the evaluation of protein shape retrieval methods.

Daniela Craciun

Daniela Craciun is a formner member of the ViDOCK team. She is a Research Scientist in Applied Mathematics to Computer Vision and Robotics fields. She achieved her Ph. D. degree at Telecom ParisTech ENST along with a doctoral grant funded…

Benjamin Boyer

Benjamin Boyer is a Research Scientist in structural bioinformatics. He achieved his Ph. D. from Paris Diderot University in structural bioinformatics on molecular dynamics of Protein-DNA interactions. He is a senior developer of the Pytools project. He is a former…