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Nicolas Dacquay

Nicolas Dacquay is a software engineer in the ViDOCK team, he is focused on UI/UX design and the development of VTX.

Simon Guionniere

Simon Guionniere is a software engineer in the ViDOCK team, he is focused on the development of VTX.

VTX: High Performance Molecular Visualization Software stars

VTX is the High Performance molecular visualization software that is under development within the ViDOCK project. VTX will be available at http://vtx.drugdesign.fr Here is a small demo of real-time navigation using the VTX graphics engine on the largest structure of the protein data bank, the HIV capsid (2.5 Million atoms)

Maxime Maria


Dr Maxime Maria is assistant professor in Xlim, University of Limoges and an associate member of the team. He is a former postdoctoral researcher of the ViDOCK team, funded by the ERC.



Guillaume Lavoué


Guillaume Lavoué is currently Professor at the LIRIS laboratory (Univ-Lyon,INSA, Lyon). Guillaume Lavoué received his PhD from the University of Lyon (2005) where he is now an associate professor. He defended his habilitation title in 2013. His research interests include geometry processing, 3D data compression, visual quality assessment and perception for computer graphics. Guillaume Lavoue authored more than 30 journal papers and has been chairing the 10th Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval (3DOR'2017). Since 2018 he is the coordinator of the PISCo project about interactive and immersive remote visualization of complex 3D scenes. Since 2018, he is an associated member of the ViDOCK project.



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